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vgfx.h File Reference

#include <sstream>
#include "bezier/bezier.h"
#include "bezier/quad.h"
#include "objtree/objtree.h"
#include "geometry/xform_2d.h"
#include "util/parsing.h"
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struct  vgfx::visit_result_t
 hit detection results More...
class  vgfx::Primitive
 the base class from which all vector graphics objects inherit. More...
class  vgfx::ObjectMap
 an ObjectMap is a physical manifestation of a vector graphics 2D area. More...
struct  vgfx::init_primitive_t
struct  vgfx::init_point_t
struct  vgfx::init_bezier_t
struct  vgfx::init_rect_t
struct  vgfx::init_line_t
struct  vgfx::init_dxdy_t
struct  vgfx::init_quad_t
struct  vgfx::init_text_t


namespace  vgfx


typedef point2d_t< float > vgfx::point_t
typedef rect2d_t< float > vgfx::rect_t
typedef bool(* vgfx::callback_t )(void *context, visit_result_t &result)


enum  vgfx::eHitDetect {
  vgfx::eHit_Overlap = 1,
  vgfx::eHit_Contained = 2,
  vgfx::eHit_Always = 3,
  vgfx::eHit_Invalid = 0

hit detection results



bool vgfx::processRequest (ObjectMap *map,std::istream &stream,bool single_transaction,std::string &undo_request,std::string &diagnostic)
 Request that an ObjectMap be updated with the given request.
void vgfx::invokeFunction (Primitive *in_function, ObjectMap *map, const dictionary_t &in_params, std::ostream &out)
Primitive * vgfx::addFunctionFromPath (ObjectMap *map, const char *path)
void vgfx::setScript (ObjectMap *map, const char *parent_id, const char *script_id, const objtree::property_set_t &pset_def, std::ostream &stream, std::string &root)
void vgfx::updateScriptParameters (ObjectMap *map, const char *parent_id, const objtree::property_set_t &pset, std::ostream &stream)
void vgfx::resizeScript (ObjectMap *map, const char *parent_id, float width, float height, std::ostream &stream)
template<class T >
std::string vgfx::getStringValue (const T &t)
void vgfx::init_point_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_point_t &)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_point (const init_point_t &)
void vgfx::init_bezier_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_bezier_t &init)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_bezier (const init_bezier_t &init)
void vgfx::init_rect_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_rect_t &init)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_rect (const init_rect_t &init)
void vgfx::init_line_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_line_t &init)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_line (const init_line_t &init)
void vgfx::init_dxdy_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_dxdy_t &)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_dxdy (const init_dxdy_t &)
void vgfx::init_quad_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_quad_t &init)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_quad (const init_quad_t &init)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::parseGroup (std::istream &stream, ObjectMap *map)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::parseFunction (std::istream &stream, ObjectMap *map)
void vgfx::init_text_from_data (const dictionary_t &data, init_text_t &init)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::create_text (const init_text_t &init)