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vgfx-util.cpp File Reference

#include "vgfx-util.h"
#include "common/wave_ex.h"
#include "perf/perf.h"
#include "util/file.h"
#include "util/parsing.h"
#include "util/token_stream.h"
#include "request.h"
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namespace  vgfx


static bool vgfx::containsSpace (const char *p) throw ()
static void vgfx::getIdPrefix (const char *id, std::string &prefix)
void vgfx::addDependenciesToGraphInternal (ObjectMap *map, const char *id, graph::DAG *dag)
static void vgfx::replaceIDs (ObjectMap *map, std::istream &in, std::string &request)
const char * vgfx::getDragDropRootNodeID (void) throw ()
 getDragDropRootNodeID() - returns the id of the root node used for all drag/drop/copy/paste operations
void vgfx::getDragRequest (ObjectMap *map,Primitive *root,const SetString &selection,float x_cm,float y_cm,std::string &request)
 getDragRequest() - given root object in map, and selection of tag_paths, return a drag/drop request (all selected objects attached to the known drag/drop root node id)
void vgfx::addDependenciesToGraph (ObjectMap *map,const char *id,graph::DAG *dag)
 addDependenciesToGraph(map, id, dag) - given a top-level object (id) in a map, run through and find all dependencies of the object.
bool vgfx::getDropRequest (ObjectMap *map,Primitive *root,const SetString &selection,std::istream &drag_request,float x_cm,float y_cm,NodeChecker &okayToReceiveDrop,std::string &request,SetString &out_selection)
 getDropRequest() - given a drag_request that has been dropped at (x_cm, y_cm) on a given root in a given map, return a request that adds all of the dropped objects to the correct position in the root.
void vgfx::getSelectionRect (ObjectMap *map,Primitive *root,const SetString &selection,rect_t &r_cm)
 getSelectionRect() - given a set of selected objects, return bounding rect
static bool vgfx::getObjectAtCallback (void *context, visit_result_t &vr)
bool vgfx::getObjectAt (Primitive *root, float x_cm, float y_cm, NodeChecker &checker, hit_result_t &wr)
meta_check_t vgfx::getMeta (Primitive *p, const char *name)
std::string vgfx::getOptionalMeta (Primitive *p, const char *name, const char *default_value)


static const char * vgfx::s_keyTop = "collectionRoot"