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quake::face_t Struct Reference
[Quake BSP Parsing Library]

a polygon face in the bsp map More...

#include <bsp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~face_t (void) throw ()
eLumpType getType (void) const throw ()
 what sort of lump object is this really? Can use this information to perform a dynamic cast to the correct leaf class.

Public Attributes

int32_t texture
 index to texture path object
int32_t effect
 index to effect (or -1)
int32_t type
 face type (eFaceType, above)
int32_t vertex
 index of first vertex
int32_t nVertices
 number of vertices
int32_t meshvert
 index of first mesh vertex
int32_t nMeshverts
 number of mesh vertices
int32_t lmIndex
 light map index
int32_t lmStart [2]
 corner of this face's lightmap
int32_t lmSize [2]
 size of this face's lightmap
point3d_t origin
 origin of lightmap
point3d_t lmVecs [2]
 lightmap s and t vectors
point3d_t normal
 surface normal
int32_t size [2]
 patch dimensions

Detailed Description

a polygon face in the bsp map

Definition at line 133 of file bsp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

quake::face_t::~face_t ( void   )  throw ()

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