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netlib::ip_addr_t Struct Reference
[Wavepacket Sockets API]

representation of IP address (abstracts IPv4 and IPv6) More...

#include <wavesock.h>

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Public Types

enum  eType {
  eType_IPv4 = 1,
  eType_IPv6 = 2,
  eType_Invalid = 0

Public Member Functions

 ip_addr_t (void) throw ()
void clear (void) throw ()
eType getType (void) const throw ()
bool isValid (void) const throw ()
bool operator!= (const ip_addr_t &rhs) const throw ()
bool operator== (const ip_addr_t &rhs) const throw ()
void dump (const char *title) const throw ()
bool lookupHostname (const char *hostname)
 attempts to look up the IP of the remote host.
bool isLoopback (void) const throw ()
 is this just a loopback IP address? ( for IPv4)
void setLoopback (void) throw ()
 sets to loopback ( for IPv4)
bool setBroadcast (void) throw ()
 sets to broadcast.
void setIPv4 (const byte_t *ip) throw ()
void setIPv6 (const byte_t *ip) throw ()

Public Attributes

byte_t addr [6]
byte_t flags
byte_t unused

Detailed Description

representation of IP address (abstracts IPv4 and IPv6)

Definition at line 91 of file wavesock.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


IPv4 address.


IPv6 address.


Definition at line 92 of file wavesock.h.

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