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glut::poly_request_t Struct Reference

stores information necessary to render a polygon later More...

#include <renderable.h>

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Public Types

enum  eContants { eMaxVertices = 8 }

Public Member Functions

void clear (void) throw ()

Public Attributes

int textureId
 OpenGL texture ID to use.
point3d_t normal
 normal to polygon
int nVertices
 number of vertices for this poly
float u [eMaxVertices]
 texture u-coordinate
float v [eMaxVertices]
 texture v-coordinate
point3d_t vertex [eMaxVertices]
 texture coordinates

Detailed Description

stores information necessary to render a polygon later

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Member Function Documentation

void glut::poly_request_t::clear ( void   )  throw () [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

OpenGL texture ID to use.

Definition at line 87 of file renderable.h.

normal to polygon

Definition at line 88 of file renderable.h.

number of vertices for this poly

Definition at line 89 of file renderable.h.

float glut::poly_request_t::u[eMaxVertices]

texture u-coordinate

Definition at line 90 of file renderable.h.

float glut::poly_request_t::v[eMaxVertices]

texture v-coordinate

Definition at line 91 of file renderable.h.

texture coordinates

Definition at line 92 of file renderable.h.

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