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srv-physics.cpp File Reference

#include "srv-physics.h"
#include "srv-hosts.h"
#include "srv-object.h"
#include "srv-players.h"
#include "aesop-physics/aesop-physics.h"
#include "map-manager/map-manager.h"
#include "netrq/netrq.h"
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namespace  aesop


void aesop::addObjectRequestToQueue (smart_ptr< PhysicsObject > obj, conn_id_t recipientUdp, netrq::Queue *queue, dword_t clock)
static void aesop::sendObject (smart_ptr< Instance > &instance, smart_ptr< PhysicsObject > &obj, void *ctx)
static void aesop::sendObjects (LeafZone *lz, void *context)

void aesop::addPhysicsMessagesToQueue (dword_t serverClock,HostManager *hostMgr,PlayerManager *playerMgr,MapManager *mapMgr)
 given the host list, this routine will iterate over all players and make sure any objects relevant to them are added to the appropriate outbound network request queues.


static const int aesop::s_maxPorIdBytes = 64
static const int aesop::s_maxPORBytes = 70