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prop_types.cpp File Reference

#include "prop_types.h"
#include <sstream>
#include "common/wave_ex.h"
#include "util/parsing.h"
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namespace  objtree


static bool objtree::getBoolean (const dictionary_t &data, const char *key)
static void objtree::addBooleanIfTrue (std::ostream &out, const char *key, bool val)
static void objtree::addPrettyIfTrue (std::ostream &out, const char *key, bool val)
static std::string objtree::escape (const char *p)
static std::string objtree::unescape (const char *p)
static void objtree::validateColorComponent (int x)
static void objtree::addColorComponent (std::string &s, const char *tag, int x, int default_value)
color_t objtree::getColorFromString (const char *text)
void objtree::getStringFromColor (const color_t &c, std::string &s)
void objtree::getFontFromString (const char *info, font_t &font)
void objtree::getStringFromFont (const font_t &font, std::string &out)
void objtree::getDisplayStringFromFont (const font_t &font, std::string &out)


static const char objtree::s_escape = (char) 205