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pgmppm.h File Reference

#include "common/common.h"
#include <iostream>
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struct  pgmppm::color_t


namespace  pgmppm


typedef bool(* pgmppm::notify_size_fn )(void *context, int width, int length, int max_val)
typedef void(* pgmppm::pgm_write_pixel_fn )(void *context, int x, int y, int height)


bool pgmppm::readPgm (std::istream &in, notify_size_fn notify, pgm_write_pixel_fn write_pixel, void *context)

typedef int(* pgmppm::pgm_pixel_fn )(void *context, int x, int y)
typedef color_t(* pgmppm::ppm_pixel_fn )(void *context, int x, int y)
void pgmppm::writePgm (std::ostream &out,int width,int height,int max_gray,pgm_pixel_fn fn,void *context)
 write a pgm file to an output stream
void pgmppm::writePpm (std::ostream &out, int width, int height, int max_color, ppm_pixel_fn fn, void *context)