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parser.cpp File Reference

#include "vgfx.h"
#include "drawer.h"
#include <istream>
#include <sstream>
#include "common/wave_ex.h"
#include "objtree/objtree.h"
#include "perf/perf.h"
#include "util/parsing.h"
#include "util/token_stream.h"
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namespace  vgfx


static bool vgfx::isMultilineType (const char *type) throw ()
static void vgfx::breakPath (const char *in_path, VecString &elements, VecString &relpath)
void vgfx::processAdd (ObjectMap *map, const char *action)
static void vgfx::processSet (ObjectMap *map, const char *action)
static void vgfx::processRemove (ObjectMap *map, const char *action)
static void vgfx::getActionString (const char *verb, std::istream &stream, std::string &action)
static void vgfx::getUndoForAction (ObjectMap *map, const char *verb, const char *action, std::string &undo)
static void vgfx::processAction (ObjectMap *map, const char *verb, const char *action)
static void vgfx::processRequestInternal (ObjectMap *map, std::istream &stream, bool single_transaction, VecString &undo_actions)
bool vgfx::processRequest (ObjectMap *map,std::istream &stream,bool single_transaction,std::string &undo_request,std::string &diagnostic)
 Request that an ObjectMap be updated with the given request.


static const eParseBehavior vgfx::s_token_behavior = eParse_RespectQuotes