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objtree.h File Reference

#include "common/common.h"
#include "datahash/datahash.h"
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struct  objtree::property_t
 abstraction of a general property of an object More...
struct  objtree::property_set_t
 a set of properties. More...
class  objtree::List
 How you interact with this object is the key to the objtree library. More...
class  objtree::Tree
 the root object for discovering objects More...


namespace  objtree


bool objtree::isValidPropertyName (const char *candidate_name) throw ()
 returns true if the given name is an acceptable property name
bool objtree::isTrue (const char *text) throw ()
smart_ptr< Datahashobjtree::getDatahash (const property_set_t &pset)
 given a property set, serialize into a datahash object
void objtree::getPropertySet (const Datahash *hash,property_set_t &pset)
 given a datahash, deserialize into a property set