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nstream.h File Reference

#include "common/common.h"
#include <istream>
#include "geometry/geometry_3d.h"
#include "threadsafe/smart_ptr.h"
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class  nstream::Stream
 an instance of a read-only stream More...
class  nstream::Entry
 a generic entry in the namespace. This is either a Folder or File More...
class  nstream::File
 an atom in the namespace: a File is a named object from which you can request read-only streams. More...
class  nstream::Folder
 a folder in the namespace: contains other stream::Entry objects. More...
class  nstream::Manager
 the object that manages a particular space of named streams More...


namespace  nstream


typedef eIterationFlag(* nstream::visit_entry_fn )(Entry *entry, void *context)
 callback for nstream::walkChildFolders()


enum  nstream::eIterationFlag {
  nstream::eIterate_Continue = 1,
  nstream::eIterate_Stop = 2,
  nstream::eIterate_Invalid = 0

used by nstream::walkChildFolders() callback



smart_ptr< Manager > nstream::getFilesystemManager (const char *root_dir)
 A reference nstream::Manager implementation: this API provides a namespace object based on the local filesystem.
smart_ptr< Stream > nstream::getStreamRelativeTo (Stream *startStream,const char *relativePath)
 Helper method: given a Stream object, and a path relative to that stream path, return a stream for that.
smart_ptr< Stream > nstream::openNamedStream (Manager *mgr,const char *name)
 Helper method: open a Stream for a given path on the specified Manager.
std::string nstream::getStreamName (Stream *stream)
 Helper method: given a Stream, return its name.
eIterationFlag nstream::walkChildFolders (Folder *root,visit_entry_fn callback,void *context,const SetString *extensions=NULL,const char *filter=NULL,bool visitHidden=false)
 helper methods: given a Folder, walk all child Folders and Entries recursively.