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mapzone Namespace Reference


typedef std::map< std::string,
smart_ptr< aesop::Zone > > 
 data type: maps from zone ID --> zone object


smart_ptr< aesop::MaploadMap (const char *id, std::istream &stream)
smart_ptr< aesop::MapFormatReadergetMapFormatReader (void)
 factory method to create mapzone map format readers
smart_ptr< aesop::MaploadMap (IN const char *id, IN std::istream &stream)
smart_ptr< aesop::ZoneloadZone (IN std::istream &stream, IN aesop::Zone::eType type)
void resolveZoneIds (IN aesop::Zone *zone, IN zone_map_t &map)
void calcBoundaries (IN aesop::Zone *zone)
smart_ptr< aesop::ZoneloadZone (std::istream &stream, aesop::Zone::eType type)
void resolveZoneIds (aesop::Zone *zone, zone_map_t &map)
void calcBoundaries (aesop::Zone *zone)

Function Documentation

smart_ptr<aesop::Map> mapzone::loadMap ( const char *  id,
std::istream &  stream 

Definition at line 434 of file mapzone/map.cpp.

smart_ptr<aesop::Zone> mapzone::loadZone ( std::istream &  stream,
aesop::Zone::eType  type 

Definition at line 544 of file zone.cpp.

void mapzone::resolveZoneIds ( aesop::Zone zone,
zone_map_t &  map 

Definition at line 563 of file zone.cpp.

void mapzone::calcBoundaries ( aesop::Zone zone  ) 

Definition at line 579 of file zone.cpp.