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map.h File Reference

#include "zone.h"
#include <iostream>
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struct  aesop::destination_t
 a destination describes a location to which players can be safely moved More...
class  aesop::Map
 This is the base object used to describe an AESOP map. More...
class  aesop::MapFormatReader
 MapFormatReader: these have to be implemented elsewhere, and then registered with the MapLoader below. More...


namespace  aesop


typedef void(* aesop::zone_iteration_fn )(IN Zone *zone, IN void *context)
 used by the Map::iterateZones() function


smart_ptr< Map > aesop::loadMap (IN const char *id, IN const char *path_to_map_file)
 This is the map loading routine clients should use.
void aesop::registerMapFormatReader (IN smart_ptr< MapFormatReader > &reader)
 This is how you can register a MapFormatReader with the map loader.