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kdtree.cpp File Reference

#include "kdtree.h"
#include "perf/perf.h"
#include "util/distribution.h"
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namespace  kdtree


eSort kdtree::sortPoint (const plane_t &plane,const point3d_t &point) throw ()
 say which side of a given sort plane the provided test point is on
eSort kdtree::sortRect (const plane_t &plane,const rect3d_t &rect) throw ()
 say how the given rectangle sorts against the given sorting plane
static eAxis kdtree::getLongAxis (const rect3d_t &r) throw ()
static void kdtree::simpleSplit (const rect3d_t &r, plane_t &plane) throw ()
static void kdtree::measureSplit (const plane_t &plane, const Node::vec_entries_t &vec, int &nLeft, int &nRight) throw ()
static void kdtree::bestSplit (int offset, const Node::vec_entries_t &vec, plane_t &plane, int &nLeft, int &nRight)
static void kdtree::balancedSplit (const rect3d_t &r, plane_t &plane, const Node::vec_entries_t &vec) throw ()
static void kdtree::getLeftRightBounds (const rect3d_t &r, const plane_t &plane, rect3d_t &left, rect3d_t &right) throw ()


static const float kdtree::s_eps = 1.0e-9