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Map Manager
[AESOP Maps and Map Management]

This library helps to maintain lists of active (in-memory) maps. More...

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class  aesop::MapManager
 Object that helps the server (and rules engine) manage loaded maps, including the dynamics. More...


virtual aesop::MapManager::~MapManager (void) throw ()
virtual void aesop::MapManager::clear (void)=0
virtual void aesop::MapManager::requestLoad (const char *id)=0
virtual smart_ptr< MapDynamics > aesop::MapManager::getMap (const char *id)=0
virtual void aesop::MapManager::tickMaps (float seconds)=0
virtual void aesop::MapManager::getIterator (iterator_t &i)=0
virtual bool aesop::MapManager::getNextMap (iterator_t &i, smart_ptr< MapDynamics > &map)=0
static smart_ptr< MapManager > aesop::MapManager::create (smart_ptr< Datahash > &params, smart_ptr< story::Story > &story)

Detailed Description

This library helps to maintain lists of active (in-memory) maps.

Function Documentation

aesop::MapManager::~MapManager ( void   )  throw () [virtual, inherited]

Definition at line 38 of file map-manager.cpp.

virtual void aesop::MapManager::clear ( void   )  [pure virtual, inherited]
virtual void aesop::MapManager::requestLoad ( const char *  id  )  [pure virtual, inherited]
virtual smart_ptr<MapDynamics> aesop::MapManager::getMap ( const char *  id  )  [pure virtual, inherited]
virtual void aesop::MapManager::tickMaps ( float  seconds  )  [pure virtual, inherited]
virtual void aesop::MapManager::getIterator ( iterator_t i  )  [pure virtual, inherited]
virtual bool aesop::MapManager::getNextMap ( iterator_t i,
smart_ptr< MapDynamics > &  map 
) [pure virtual, inherited]
smart_ptr< MapManager > aesop::MapManager::create ( smart_ptr< Datahash > &  params,
smart_ptr< story::Story > &  story 
) [static, inherited]

Definition at line 338 of file map-manager.cpp.