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This is the list of AESOP Frequently Asked Questions. More...

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This is the list of AESOP Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q: What is AESOP?

A: AESOP is a multiplayer game framework. It is focused on first- person 3D rendered games, but can be used more generally.

Q: Where are the games?

A: This is just the framework documentation. For games, see the list here: (sorry, no link yet!)

Q: How do I build games using AESOP?

A: If you just want to use the existing framework and create a game by adding your own content (3D models, physics models, artificial intelligence, textures, etc.) then see AESOP Storyteller's Guide . If you need to add custom game logic then see AESOP Developer's Guide .

Q: How do I add my own graphics effects?

A: To add custom graphics effects (or sound effects or anything like that) you'll need to extend or build your own client. See AESOP Developer's Guide.

Q: What does 'AESOP' stand for?

A: It doesn't stand for anything. I just wanted to name it after a famous storyteller: