AESOP Developer's Guide
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This guide is for Developers who want to extend the AESOP framework. More...

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 Wavepacket Build System

The build system used by the Wavepacket family of source repositories (wavepacket-lib, wave-glut, wave-audio, aesop, folium).

 Wavepacket Libraries

These are the groups of libraries available.

 Wavepacket GLUT Libraries

This is a set of OpenGL/GLUT helper libraries.

 Wavepacket Audio Libraries

This is a set of audio helper libraries.

 AESOP Applications

These are the main applications built (and expected to be distributed) as part of the AESOP game framework.

 AESOP Libraries

These are the libraries (client, server, both) used in the various AESOP tools and applications.

 AESOP Build Instructions

These are notes on how to build the set of AESOP binaries.

Detailed Description

This guide is for Developers who want to extend the AESOP framework.

Target Audience: Developers who would like to make changes to or extend the framework.

Purpose of this Guide: Help Developers understand how the AESOP framework is put together, and how it can be modified and extended. AESOP is specifically designed to be extended at multiple layers!

This is the guide for developers. A "developer" is defined as anyone that needs to modify the existing code. Developers may also be storytellers (see AESOP Storyteller's Guide ) who are making code changes for their own games, or they could be people who are making components with the intention to share those changes with the wider community.