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Animation State


struct  glut::anim_channel_state_t
 An object can have many animations going at once. More...
class  glut::MaxAnimations
class  glut::AnimationState
 Simple class of fixed size to maintain per-object animation state. More...


typedef stack_array
< anim_channel_state_t,
MaxAnimations > 


void glut::anim_channel_state_t::clear (void) throw ()
void glut::anim_channel_state_t::dump (const char *title) const throw ()
void glut::AnimationState::serialize (std::string &state) const
 serialize current state out to a string
bool glut::AnimationState::deserialize (const char *state)
 update our internal state based on passed-in animation state string.


int16_t glut::anim_channel_state_t::animIndex
 index of animation
word_t glut::anim_channel_state_t::unused
int32_t glut::anim_channel_state_t::msElapsed
 milliseconds since animation started

Typedef Documentation

typedef stack_array<anim_channel_state_t, MaxAnimations> glut::animation_list_t

Definition at line 83 of file animation-state.h.

Function Documentation

void glut::anim_channel_state_t::clear ( void   )  throw () [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 56 of file animation-state.h.

void glut::anim_channel_state_t::dump ( const char *  title  )  const throw () [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 60 of file animation-state.h.

void glut::AnimationState::serialize ( std::string &  state  )  const [inherited]

serialize current state out to a string

Definition at line 65 of file animation-state.cpp.

bool glut::AnimationState::deserialize ( const char *  state  )  [inherited]

update our internal state based on passed-in animation state string.

Returns false if deserialization fails (bad input string).

Definition at line 89 of file animation-state.cpp.

Variable Documentation

index of animation

Definition at line 66 of file animation-state.h.

Definition at line 67 of file animation-state.h.

milliseconds since animation started

Definition at line 68 of file animation-state.h.