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AESOP Map and Zone Interfaces
[AESOP Maps and Map Management]

These are the basic Map and Zone definitions. More...

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struct  aesop::destination_t
 a destination describes a location to which players can be safely moved More...
class  aesop::Map
 This is the base object used to describe an AESOP map. More...
class  aesop::Zone
 Any 3D map defines an arbitrary 3D region of space. More...
class  aesop::LeafZone
 A leaf zone is a special kind of Zone. More...


 Loading Maps

To load a map, you must first register a MapFormatReader with the MapLoader.


typedef void(* aesop::zone_iteration_fn )(IN Zone *zone, IN void *context)
 used by the Map::iterateZones() function

typedef void(* aesop::leafzone_iteration_fn )(IN LeafZone *lz, IN void *context)

Detailed Description

These are the basic Map and Zone definitions.

The AESOP framework provides default implementations of these, but developers are free to create their own.

See the comments for the Map class. Map and Zone objects are used for static data only. They define the 3D space and its partitioning. They provide the immobile objects in the world. Dynamics within a map are handled by a different software layer (Map Dynamics Library).

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* aesop::zone_iteration_fn)(IN Zone *zone, IN void *context)

used by the Map::iterateZones() function

Definition at line 77 of file map.h.

typedef void(* aesop::leafzone_iteration_fn)(IN LeafZone *lz, IN void *context)

callback used for the LeafZone::iterateVisibleZones() method

Definition at line 116 of file zone.h.