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function.cpp File Reference

#include "vgfx.h"
#include <fstream>
#include "common/wave_ex.h"
#include "perf/perf.h"
#include "util/file.h"
#include "util/parsing.h"
#include "util/token_stream.h"
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namespace  vgfx


static bool vgfx::requiresQuotes (const char *p) throw ()
static void vgfx::getFunctionValue (ObjectMap *map, const char *fn_name, std::string &value)
static bool vgfx::isOperation (const char *s) throw ()
static float vgfx::operate (float left, char op, float right) throw ()
static void vgfx::computeValue (ObjectMap *map, const char *raw, const dictionary_t &variables, std::string &computed)
static void vgfx::evaluate (ObjectMap *map, const dictionary_t &variables, const char *expr, std::string &result)
static float vgfx::getFloat (ObjectMap *map, const dictionary_t &variables, const dictionary_t &data, const char *key, const char *default_value)
static void vgfx::processTile (ObjectMap *map, const char *cursor, const dictionary_t &variables, std::ostream &stream)
static void vgfx::processVariable (ObjectMap *map, const char *cursor, const dictionary_t &in_params, const objtree::property_set_t &pub, dictionary_t &variables)
static void vgfx::getScriptOutputId (const char *param_id, std::string &output_id)
smart_ptr< Primitive > vgfx::parseFunction (std::istream &stream, ObjectMap *map)
void vgfx::invokeFunction (Primitive *in_function, ObjectMap *map, const dictionary_t &in_params, std::ostream &out)
Primitive * vgfx::addFunctionFromPath (ObjectMap *map, const char *path)
void vgfx::setScript (ObjectMap *map, const char *parent_id, const char *script_id, const objtree::property_set_t &pset_def, std::ostream &stream, std::string &root)
void vgfx::updateScriptParameters (ObjectMap *map, const char *parent_id, const objtree::property_set_t &pset, std::ostream &stream)
void vgfx::resizeScript (ObjectMap *map, const char *parent_id, float width, float height, std::ostream &stream)


static const eParseBehavior vgfx::s_line_behavior