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fit.h File Reference

#include "common/common.h"
#include "bezier/bezier.h"
#include "bezier/quad.h"
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struct  bezier::fit_t


namespace  bezier


typedef std::vector
< quad_bezier_t > 
typedef std::vector< curve_t > bezier::path_t
typedef path_t bezier::cubic_path_t


void bezier::getQuadPathFromRawPoints (const point_t *p,int nPoints,float ds,quad_path_t &path)
 given a set of points, return the best fit path of quadratic beziers
void bezier::getCubicPathFromRawPoints (const point_t *in_p, int nPoints, float ds, cubic_path_t &path)
float bezier::getCoefficient (const float *x, int nPoints, int degree) throw ()
void bezier::removeCoefficient (float *x, int nPoints, float coeff, int degree) throw ()
void bezier::fitPoints (const float *x, int nPoints, float slope, fit_t &fit) throw ()
int bezier::getCuspIndices (const point_t *p, int nPoints, int **cusps)
float bezier::getFitQuality (const point_t *p, int nPoints, const curve_t &curve) throw ()
void bezier::fitPath (const point_t *p, int nPoints, float tolerance, path_t &path)
void bezier::respacePath (const point_t *p, int nPoints, float dt, point_t **out_p, int &newPoints)