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dialog/drawer.h File Reference

#include "geometry/geometry_2d.h"
#include "threadsafe/smart_ptr.h"
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struct  dialog::font_size_t
 sizing information about how a font is rendered More...
struct  dialog::border_size_t
class  dialog::Drawer
 This is the object that is capable of rendering dialogs. More...
class  dialog::TextDrawer
 for testing, we provide a text-only drawer More...


namespace  dialog

enum  dialog::eElementType {
  dialog::eElement_Button = 1,
  dialog::eElement_Label = 2,
  dialog::eElement_Textbox = 3,
  dialog::eElement_Container = 50,
  dialog::eElement_Dialog = 60,
  dialog::eElement_Invalid = 0

types of elements that appear in a dialog

typedef point2d_t< int > dialog::point_t
typedef rect2d_t< int > dialog::rect_t