date.h File Reference

#include "common/common.h"
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int GetMonthFromString (const char *month) throw ()
void getDisplayableDateFromNetTime (long time, std::string &display)
const char * getDateString (long timestamp)
void getDateStringFromNetTime (long time, std::string &display)
long getNetTimeFromDateString (const char *date) throw ()
int getWeekdayFromNetTime (long time) throw ()
const char * GetWeekday (int weekday_index) throw ()
const char * GetMonth (int month_index) throw ()
long getDayBucket (long timestamp) throw ()
long getWeekBucket (long timestamp) throw ()
long getMonthBucket (long timestamp) throw ()
long getYearBucket (long timestamp) throw ()
std::string getDayBucketName (long day_bucket)
std::string getWeekBucketName (long week_bucket)
std::string getMonthBucketName (long month_bucket)
std::string getYearBucketName (long year_bucket)