datahash_text.h File Reference

#include "datahash.h"
#include <iostream>
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smart_ptr< DatahashreadHashFromStream (const char *key, std::istream &stream)
smart_ptr< DatahashreadHashFromTextFile (const char *filename)
smart_ptr< DatahashreadHashFromString (const char *string)
void writeHashToStream (const Datahash *hash, std::ostream &stream)
void writeHashToTextFile (const Datahash *hash, const char *filename, const char *comment_at_top=NULL)
 writes to file atomically
void dumpHash (const char *title, const Datahash *hash)

Function Documentation

smart_ptr<Datahash> readHashFromTextFile ( const char *  filename  ) 

Definition at line 211 of file datahash_text.cpp.

smart_ptr<Datahash> readHashFromString ( const char *  string  ) 

Definition at line 242 of file datahash_text.cpp.

void writeHashToStream ( const Datahash hash,
std::ostream &  stream 

Definition at line 256 of file datahash_text.cpp.

void writeHashToTextFile ( const Datahash hash,
const char *  filename,
const char *  comment_at_top = NULL 

writes to file atomically

Definition at line 271 of file datahash_text.cpp.

void dumpHash ( const char *  title,
const Datahash hash 

Definition at line 320 of file datahash_text.cpp.