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crypto.h File Reference

#include "common/common.h"
#include "threadsafe/smart_ptr.h"
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class  crypto::RSAPublicKey
 public key suitable for encrypting More...
class  crypto::RSAKey
 private/public key pair. More...
class  crypto::DESKey
 fast symmetric encryption More...


namespace  crypto

typedef std::vector< byte_tcrypto::vec_byte_t
std::string crypto::getSHA1 (const char *data)
 quick one-way encryption (SHA1 algorithm, see
std::string crypto::encodeBase64 (const byte_t *data,long bytes,bool encodeLength=true)
 given binary data, encode into base64 ascii string
void crypto::decodeBase64 (const char *base64, vec_byte_t &data)
 given base64 ascii string, decode into byte array