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xdrbuf::Output Class Reference
[XDR Buffer APIs]

class for writing data to the network More...

#include <xdrbuf.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void clear (void)=0
virtual int getRemainingBytes (void) const =0 throw ()
virtual void openPacklet (char name)=0
 create (open) a parent packlet in the stream
virtual void closePacklet (char name)=0
 close an open (parent) packlet
virtual void addStringPacklet (char name, const char *s, int length)=0
 add a string packlet to the stream
virtual void addFloatPacklet (char name, const float *data, int nFloats)=0
 add a float packlet (array of floats) to the stream
virtual void addInt32Packlet (char name, const int32_t *data, int nInts)=0
 add an int32 packlet (array of int32_t's) to the stream
virtual const byte_tgetData (void)=0 throw ()
 retrieve raw data from buffer (called after all streaming is done)
virtual int getDataBytes (void) const =0 throw ()

virtual ~Output (void) throw ()
static smart_ptr< Outputcreate (int bytes)

Detailed Description

class for writing data to the network

Definition at line 146 of file xdrbuf.h.

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