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vgfx::Primitive Class Reference
[Vector Graphics Engine]

the base class from which all vector graphics objects inherit. More...

#include <vgfx.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Primitive (void) throw ()
virtual ~Primitive (void) throw ()
virtual long getRefCount (void) const throw ()
virtual void incrementRefCount (void) throw ()
virtual void decrementRefCount (void) throw ()
virtual const char * getID (void) const throw ()
virtual void setID (const char *id)
virtual const char * getType (void) const =0 throw ()
virtual void persist (std::ostream &stream) const =0
virtual void listContainers (const VecString &path, VecString &ids) const
virtual bool doesContainerExist (const VecString &path) const
virtual bool canCreateContainer (const VecString &path) const
virtual void removeContainer (const VecString &path)
virtual void getContainerDictionary (const VecString &path, dictionary_t &data) const
virtual void setContainerDictionary (const VecString &path, const dictionary_t &data)
virtual void recalcBoundingRect (const char *tag_path, Drawer *drawer, const xform_2d_t &T)=0
virtual bool getBoundingRect (rect_t &r) const =0 throw ()
virtual bool getPrimitive (const char *tag_path, const xform_2d_t &T, visit_result_t &vr)
virtual void draw (Drawer *drawer, const rect_t &r_pix, const xform_2d_t &T)=0
 draw this primitive and all children, recursively
virtual bool visit (const rect_t &r, const xform_2d_t &T, const char *tag_path, callback_t callback, void *context, eHitDetect hit)

Static Public Member Functions

static smart_ptr< Primitivecreate (const char *type, const dictionary_t &data)

Private Attributes

long m_refcount
std::string m_id

Detailed Description

the base class from which all vector graphics objects inherit.

Definition at line 156 of file vgfx.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vgfx::Primitive::Primitive ( void   )  throw ()

Definition at line 52 of file vgfx.cpp.

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