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aesop::TerminalHost Class Reference
[AESOP Glut Application]

#include <terminal.h>

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virtual void requestMove (int playerId, const point3d_t &delta, const point3d_t &euler, point3d_t &newPosition)=0
virtual void notifyInput (int playerId, const event_t &event)=0
 terminal is notifying host that player input has been received

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~TerminalHost (void) throw ()

Detailed Description

anyone that wants events from a terminal needs to implement this interface

Definition at line 64 of file terminal.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void aesop::TerminalHost::requestMove ( int  playerId,
const point3d_t delta,
const point3d_t euler,
point3d_t newPosition 
) [pure virtual]
virtual void aesop::TerminalHost::notifyInput ( int  playerId,
const event_t event 
) [pure virtual]

terminal is notifying host that player input has been received

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