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aesop::PhysicsWorld Class Reference
[AESOP Physics Library]

create one of these to support physics simulations etc. More...

#include <aesop-physics.h>

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struct  collision_iterator_t
struct  collision_record_t
struct  object_iterator_t

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PhysicsWorld (void) throw ()
virtual void addObject (smart_ptr< PhysicsObject > &o)=0
virtual void removeObject (PhysicsObject *obj)=0
virtual long getObjectCount (void)=0 throw ()
virtual void tick (float seconds)=0
virtual void getObjectIterator (object_iterator_t &i)=0
virtual bool getNextObject (object_iterator_t &i, smart_ptr< PhysicsObject > &obj)=0
virtual void getCollisionIterator (collision_iterator_t &i)=0
virtual bool getNextCollision (collision_iterator_t &i, collision_record_t &cr)=0
virtual smart_ptr< PhysicsObjectrayTest (const point3d_t &from, const point3d_t &to)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static smart_ptr< PhysicsWorldcreate (const Datahash *params)

Detailed Description

create one of these to support physics simulations etc.

This is a threadsafe object with two supported iterators: one for objects in the world, and one for collisions.

Definition at line 237 of file aesop-physics.h.

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