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aesop::ObjectSync Class Reference
[Object Synchronization]

Manages synchronization of many objects, based on (client-specified) ID. More...

#include <object-sync.h>

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virtual void serverUpdate (dword_t id, dword_t lastClientClock, const state_update_t &state)=0
 Clients should call this whenever they get updated state from the server.
virtual void clientUpdate (dword_t clientClock)=0
 Clients should call this on every local clock update.
virtual bool clientMoveRequest (dword_t id, const point3d_t &delta, float dt, point3d_t &newPosition)=0
virtual bool getState (dword_t id, object_state_t &state)=0
virtual bool setTypeId (dword_t id, const char *typeId)=0
virtual bool setMapId (dword_t id, const char *mapId)=0
virtual void addRequests (netrq::Queue *queue, dword_t clock)=0
virtual void removeObject (dword_t id)=0

virtual ~ObjectSync (void) throw ()
static smart_ptr< ObjectSynccreate (smart_ptr< MapManager > mapMgr)

Detailed Description

Manages synchronization of many objects, based on (client-specified) ID.

Usually the ID is whatever the server has specified as the object ID.

Definition at line 121 of file object-sync.h.

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