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aesop::HostManager Class Reference
[Host and Connection Management]

Object that helps the server manage host connections. More...

#include <srv-hosts.h>

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struct  iterator_t

Public Member Functions

virtual ~HostManager (void) throw ()
virtual void addHost (conn_id_t udpConnID, long udpToken, const char *publicKey)=0
virtual bool getHostByUdpConnectionID (conn_id_t udpConnId, host_rec_t &hr)=0
 This is the most efficient lookup (by UDP connection ID).
virtual bool getHostByTcpConnectionID (conn_id_t tcpConnId, host_rec_t &hr)=0
virtual void updateHost (host_rec_t &hr)=0
virtual bool removeHost (conn_id_t hostId)=0
virtual void getIterator (iterator_t &iterator)=0
 requests a new iterator.
virtual bool getNextHost (iterator_t &iterator, host_rec_t &hr)=0
 returns the host for this iteration, and increments iterator

Static Public Member Functions

static smart_ptr< HostManagercreate (int udpSize)

Detailed Description

Object that helps the server manage host connections.

NOTE: (to implementers) all methods should be threadsafe!

Definition at line 99 of file srv-hosts.h.

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