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aesop::Client Class Reference
[AESOP Client Library]

class that manages local client/player state with the server More...

#include <aesop-client.h>

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virtual story::StorygetStory (void)=0 throw ()
 what's the story?
virtual eClientState getState (void)=0 throw ()
 current client network state?
virtual bool getServer (server_info_t &server)=0
 what server are we connected to? returns false if not connected yet.
virtual const server_map_tgetDiscoveredServers (void)=0
 what servers have been discovered? WARNING: you may discover thousands! Be careful how you iterate.
virtual bool requestConnect (const char *serverKey)=0
 caller can ask to connect to a specific server, as specified by the server key (index into server map from getDiscoveredServers() ).
virtual float tick (void)=0
 Caller must call this method repeatedly! Main network message pump.
virtual bool createPlayer (int playerId)=0
 Caller can request that a new player join the game.
virtual void startLocalConversation (const char *guid, int playerId, smart_ptr< converse::ConversationHost > host)=0
 Components on the client can request local conversations (system option menus, etc.
virtual bool isConversationUnderway (const char *guid)=0
 is this conversation already going?
virtual void newGame (int playerId)=0
 player is requesting a new game TODO: move this into the game logic, it doesn't belong here
virtual void requestMove (int playerId, const point3d_t &delta, const point3d_t &euler, point3d_t &newPosition)=0
 player is asking to move by the specified amount
virtual bool getPlacement (int playerId, placement_t &placement)=0
 retrieve current player position and orientation
virtual smart_ptr< PhysicsObjectgetPlayerObject (int playerId)=0
 retrieve object for player (can be null if player is not in map)

virtual ~Client (void) throw ()
static smart_ptr< Clientcreate (ClientHost *host, smart_ptr< story::Story > &story, smart_ptr< Datahash > &op_params)

Detailed Description

class that manages local client/player state with the server

Definition at line 164 of file aesop-client.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aesop::Client::~Client ( void   )  throw () [virtual]

Definition at line 65 of file aesop-client.cpp.

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