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AESOP Multiplayer Game Framework

Tower and portals (test level).
Image courtesy of tomva (sourceforge)
AESOP is a framework for storytellers. In particular, it is designed for creating multiplayer networked 3D games.  
This library (aesop-mgf) is a simple shell repository, used to make it easy for developers to build the many sub-libraries and repository sources needed for full games.  
The two main sub-libraries are aesop-server (the reference server implementation) and aesop-client (a sample OpenGL-based client implementation).  
AESOP is aimed at storytellers focused at small groups (16-32 people at most) all participating in the same story. It is not a MMORPG engine. You may want to try WorldForge for that.  
This library is released under the BSD License.  
This library is in alpha stage.  


There is no binary download: instead, this project uses the
Wavepacket Build System to automatically pull down the appropriate version of source, and build that locally.

Each release is actually a small .build file that drives a build script to automatically build a local copy of repositories for you. Each release contains a .build file and an html file with instructions.

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